YAKMAN PRESS: Hey, That’s Us!

Are you a moron?

More properly put, do you have a moronic side? We do, as we discovered in the creation and evolution of the character of Fleischer. Published by Bluewater Productions, Fleischer began “life” as a parody of Superman, with a parody of Green Lantern thrown in as well in the form of the mystical drunkard Green Latrine (described as a cross between Dudley Moore’s Arthur and Green Lantern with puke stains). And from there, the cast grew to include the superhero team of Shatman & Spocky, Cyber-Abe 2.0 (consisting of a skull that looks like President Lincoln, one half of which is robotic and all of which has positioned itself over the head of a little girl); Catman (a Golden Age hero who, conveniently, is in the public domain), Bra-Buster and Lil Max (Fleischer’s wife and son from the future that he’s never met), Former Black Panther, a man out of time who wants nothing more than to rage against “the Man,” but can’t find anyone to rage with him; the enigmatic martial arts master Clive, and Al, barkeep and, without anyone actually realizing it, team leader.

Fleischer - Harold Sketch 1

All told, this group – conveniently calling themselves The Group – has turned out to be only a part of what we’re calling Yakman Press, home  of a number of projects we’ve got in development, either as a team or individually. This site will be our base of operations where we’ll keep you abreast (hah! He said breast!) of it all, share our musings on whatever we feel like talking about, introduce you to our artists and, most importantly, giving you so much news regarding The Fleischerverse that you’ll wanna puke.

So sit back, have a good time and prepare to embrace your inner moron. It’s fun! — Ed Gross & Leon McKenzie

Fleischer - Harold Sketch 2