If all goes according to plan, within the next year or so you should be hearing a lot about Fleischer & The Group, who collectively make up what we refer to as The Fleischerverse. Bearing that in mind, it seemed as good a time as any to give a quick run-down of who’s who in this world.


From left to right are:

Bra-Buster and Max: The wife and son of Fleischer who arrive from the future, initially because future Fleischer flaked out on her when he was supposed to babysit, so she travels back in time to get the earlier version of the character – who doesn’t know about either her or the kid – to babysit. She hates the future Fleischer now, but is kind of attracted to the current more innocent lunkhead.

Cyber-Abe 2.0: The villain has decided that he/she wants to be a hero, though it will be a difficult road.

Fleischer: Our Superman type. He’s decided to model his costume after his true hero, Richard Simmons.

Spocky: Highly intelligent and mostly logical pint-sized sidekick to Shatman who plots to become a PR agent.

Catman: The Golden Age (public domain) character with cat-like powers and nine lives, which he’ll be lucky to preserve with Fleischer around.

Shatman: Crime fighter from Gothic City who is ready (mostly because of Spocky) to become a part of the team. His superpower is his ego and his almost supernatural sway over women.

Former Black Panther: Frozen in a freezer since 1971, this member of the Black Panthers group is brought into the present over 40 years later. Definitely a man out of time and he desperately tries to find something to rage against.

Crimson Canteen: The former Green Latrine. The ring has been destroyed, but now he’s been given the powers of a wizard. His challenge is not screwing up his spells as his drunken slurs often change what his magical intent is.


AlAl: Owner and operator of Al’s Bar, home base for The Group. Seems to know an awful lot about everything, and is their leader even though they don’t even realize it. Also has in his vest a seemingly endless supply of beer mugs he takes out for cleaning or for using as weapons.


EpaEpa: Arch enemy of The Group, driven near the point of distraction by Fleischer’s inanity. He’s a chimpanzee who, years ago, was bitten by a radioactive human and was transformed. Now he plots humanity’s demise, though he is determined to take down Generic City and its heroes first.


valentinesday color schemeValentine’s Day: Created by Epa as the ultimate weapon, instead of destroying The Group she ends up sharing a connection with Shatman, much to the horror of everybody else.  There is much more to this….er….woman than meets the eye.


flatulenceFlatulence: Fleischer first encounters him when Adam West arrives within the confines of Generic City. Together they take on the villain whose power of noxious fumes threatens all within its path.