FLEISCHER ISSUE #4: Pages 14-15 Sneak Peek

At the moment, Yakman Press has no less than nine issues of Fleischer & The Group in various stages of production, and we wanted to present a preview of issue number four in the form of a couple of pages of pencils. The issue is written by Edward Gross and Leon McKenzie, with art being handled by Fernando Sosa.


Have you ever seen the kind of action like you’re seeing above? Valentine’s Day has come to Generic City and members of The Group are taking her on, most notably Cat-Man, Shatman, Former Black Panther and Crimson Canteen. The battle is pretty much going as expected.


As Valentine’s Day continues to wield the winning fist, Shatman decides to take matters into his own hands….he’s leaving! Spocky, though, does his best to talk him out of it.