FLEISCHER ISSUE #0: Discover Who’s Who

Over the past five years, we’ve been working on creating, refining, rewriting, refining, and rewriting again the comic book Fleischer & The Group. And while we’ll soon be posting the first of nine issues, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a preview of who the characters are that make up The Group.

fleischer preview featured image

When we began, this book was designed largely as a loving parody of Superman, featuring the character of Fleischer, hero of Generic City, whose original outfit was very Man of Steel-like but with a few interesting flourishes. After we wrote and had had drawn two issues, we realized that the joke of a Superman parody could get old real fast, so we decided to revamp the entire idea. This resulted, beginning with issue three, in the introduction of a team element to the book and a change in outfit for Fleisch which was more reflective of his true hero, exercise guru Richard Simmons. As we went forward from there and found ourselves feeling more creatively invigorated, we decided to go back and rewrite the first two issues to more closely reflect the direction we found ourselves going in. The results? You’ll have to be the judge of that when the comic is posted, but we hope it makes you laugh. We did (are we allowed to say that?).

Above is a special preview comic designed to introduce you to the various characters. It’s presented through the eyes of Golden Age hero Captain Battle, who we’ve done a bit of reimagining on. This also serves as a gallery of sorts for the many talented artists we’re working with, including Fernando Sosa, Matias Festa, Harold George, and Eric Ella Michael

We’ll be providing frequent updates on what’s happening with Fleischer & The Group as well as some other projects we’re working on here at YakmanPress.com.
Embrace Your Inner Moron,
Ed Gross
Leon McKenzie